James Callahan

Jim has over 37 years of demonstrated professional leadership roles in Test and Evaluation, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations and support, and Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB) operations, support and Regulatory Policy and Procedures. He has 33 years’ experience managing project, program, and department operations in both the civilian and military sectors including Security Operations / Risk Assessment / Crisis Management, Tactical Planning / Operational Leadership, Administration and Portfolio Management, Aeronautical Science, Security Technology, and Communication / Networking. His military career included 23 years in fighter aircraft operations and training, 17 years as an instructor pilot, 5 years Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) experience with major emphasis on Air and Space Operations Center Operations, battlespace integration, joint test and evaluation, facilities planning, large scale fighter exercises, and 5 years’ experience executing combat operations and managing programs in support of Operation Deny Flight, Deliberate Force, Allied Force, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. He holds a commercial instrument pilot certificate.

Jim is a linchpin consultant on multiple high priority projects with OSD/AT&L Special Projects with Combatant Commander special interest, the Air Force Research Lab, Naval Research Lab, and was handpicked by the US Marine Forces Pacific Experimentation Center, an OSD-Certified Operational Test Agency, to conduct four high-priority Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations and Operational Utility Assessments valued in excesses of $170M.

From January 2007 until December 2012, Jim has supported the US Joint Forces Command Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence (JUAS COE) as the Deputy Site Manager and Combat Effects/Education Resources Senior Systems Engineer. He evaluated joint force operator training programs/objectives and provided recommendations on improving curricula/training, qualifications, and standards for existing and emerging UAS. Jim developed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 3255.01 Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Minimum Training Standards dealing with standardization of UAS training for the Joint force and the Joint Memoranda of Agreement to foster cooperative recognition of individual UAS training programs among all of the Services. Additionally, he supported development of training improvement package (TIP) for ground force integration of non-organic Group 4/5 UAS, supporting the integration of the TIP into Army brigade and Marine regiment pre-deployment exercises, and developed pocket guides to assist warfighters with employing non-organic Group 4/5 UAS.

Jim helped develop JROCM 044-08, which addressed Joint UAS aircrew basic and mission qualifications, and was directed to: “Facilitate a Service review, to develop and validate, a minimum set of UAS pilot/operator qualification requirements and/or standards to operate in the NAS”; Complete a UAS Training Standardization Study using FAA guidelines and existing NATO standards to assist in Joint standardization of UAS/RPA pilot and mission crew training requirements; and developed a training level categorization schema that is a stair-step and building block approach to UAS pilot/operator training.

He also provides subject matter expertise required to evaluate fielded and emerging enhancements to UAS platforms which provide mission support to or directly apply lethal and non-lethal combat effects to the joint warfighter. Jim’s expertise includes in-depth knowledge of Strategic, Operational, and Tactical levels of warfare, campaign and mission level planning, and TTP’s involving the employment of kinetic and non-kinetic combat effects from manned and unmanned airborne systems.

Prior to his retirement from the US Air Force in 2006, Jim spent 27+ years in the service with his final assignment at Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC) / Directorate of Requirements,
Chief, Aircraft Division. He commanded the largest and most diverse division of ACC in providing sustainment and modernization for combat weapons system platforms. He led a 100-person force in planning, budgeting, managing and reporting for ACC combat aircraft weapon systems (A/OA-10, F-15, F-16, F-117, B-1, B-2, and B-52) and Distributed Mission Operations (DMO). He supervised rated pilot officers to conduct or directly support flying operations, including combat, combat support, and training missions. Jim performed supervisory and staff functions such as inspection, contingency planning, and policy formulation. He evaluated proposals for multiple-award contracts for Operations, Planning, Training, and Resource Support Services. Jim facilitated open communications between Headquarters Air Force, Secretary of the Air Force, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and industry representatives in an effort to articulate potential future capabilities and warfighter requirements. He represented his organization at high level conferences and meetings with senior-level staff, and was the Chair of the Combat Air Forces Requirements Oversight Capabilities Council.


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Director, Operations

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