RES 2019

Jadin Tech and AKI Leadership to Attend RES 2019

Mr, Dennis Thompson, General Manager of Jadin Tech, along with Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. (AKI) leadership and Board of Directors will attend the 2019 Reservation Economic Summit (RES), March 25th through 28th, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jadin Tech is hosting AKI President and CEO, Mr. Michael Bradshaw as featured panelist presenting our Land Monitoring & Protection System (LaMPS®). LaMPS leverages autonomous Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) to provide leading-edge data analytics for event prediction to monitor and protect of Native/Tribal lands using cost-effective, scalable, environmentally sound technology.

Sugpiat Group, along with Drew Buchanan, Sugpiat Defense General Manager, will present a panel discussion on Telehealth and Wearable Technology for American Indian and Alaskan Native Populations. AKI Shareholder, John Yakanak, will facilitate the panel, along with Mr. Buchanan and other industry experts. This panel discussion is focused on issues surrounding drug and alcohol addiction, the resulting diseases, social impacts, as well as multi-modal solutions to intervention and recovery.

Mr. Buchanan will also present a separate session on Cyber Resiliency. Mr. Buchanan has more than 23 years of experience implementing technical and programmatic controls that reduce business risk. In 2013 Mr. Buchanan was given the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence for his contributions in the field of risk management. He has led security engineering efforts for hundreds of complex mission systems that require zero down-time and the highest possible data confidentiality and integrity standards. Mr. Buchanan has performed numerous cyber risk assessments and is a thought leader in the field of all-hazards risk management. He is the lead developer of the Disaster Recovery Institute International RMLE 2000 Risk Management Course, as well as their newly launched Cyber Resilience course.