Operational Excellence

Jadin Tech’s Business Process Management team has more than 50 years of experience in performing Business Process Management, Business Process Optimization, and Lean Six Sigma Training, including design, development, and implementation expertise in Information Technology, Healthcare, Weapon Systems Testing, Energetic Testing, and Business Administration.

In addition, we have two doctoral-level experts on staff with decades of experience in curriculum development, administration, adult education, and applied education technologies in training and development programs which promote organizational expertise to amplify employee effectiveness and efficiency, and to promote effective knowledge management strategies.

Our Staff’s credentials include Masters and post-graduate professional licenses in Education, as well as Doctorates of Business Administration in Higher Education Learning and Innovation, and Quality Systems Management.

Operational Excellence in Information Technology Spaces

Traditional Process Improvement efforts ignore crucial elements in the sustainment of processes. Jadin Tech offers a refreshing new approach to Process Improvement Efforts – the Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) Solution Cycle based on our exclusive DAIAS™ (Define, Analyze, Improve, Automate, Sustain) approach. The following is a more detailed approach to our methodology:

1. Define:

We identify improvement opportunities (ideally from an enterprise end-to-end perspective), define the scope and boundaries of project opportunities, and discover everything we can about the process (mapping processes; quantifying as-is performance; understanding impactful laws, policies, and legal requirements; etc.).

2. Analyze:

We idealize what "perfect" looks like and analyze constraints, value-add/non-value-add steps, impediments to flow, root causes, and any other issues that impede changing from the As-Is to the Ideal.

3. Improve:

Improve includes not only creating a prioritized list of improvements that will move the process closer to the Ideal state, but also the Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) to move forward on implementing the action items. We focus on implementation of physical process improvements to move the process toward the Ideal state (people and process changes). These can generally be done quickly, with minimal focus on technological / automation improvements (people and process first, THEN technology)

4. Automate:

We will design the User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)-based workflow interfaces that allow the new, improved process to be executed with the power and control of technology. We actively minimize operator decision-making, ensure point-of-use storage of information, and automate workflow and business rules. We will develop the technology solution using a multi-generational Agile approach with an end-to-end view of the enterprise architecture. We debug solutions using the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will be using the solution, so that the act of debugging is simultaneously the act of creating train-the-trainer training. We then facilitate training and deploy the solution using an initial pilot in a local area to ensure buy-in before leveraging outward across the enterprise.

5. Sustain:

This is the most important part of the DAIAS™ Cycle. Without sustainment, processes and automation fall by the wayside. We will document the changes and improvements by developing Standard Working Documents for users, validate that the new solution effectively resolves the necessary pain points and evaluate the improvements using the workflow automated data collection to prove the impact the solution has on process performance. Finally, we iterate, using the newly collected data to assess performance, new opportunities, and inform the next generation automated solution.

Operational Excellence in Weapon Systems Platforms

Weapon Systems Platforms depend on the development and demonstration of innovative technologies. The development of these platforms is highly dependent on processes that engineers and scientists use to Develop, Test, and Deploy new technologies and weapon systems worldwide. Understanding these processes is essential to defining, delivering, testing, and deploying new technologies on a global scale. Jadin Tech personnel have experience in evaluating, testing, and deploying these processes within the Weapon System environments. We have improved processes within Weapon System Safety, Energetic Testing, and new Systems deployment. As new ideas surface, the DAIAS™ methodology assists in minimizing waste prior to development, thereby saving developmental funding and rapidly delivering optimized cost-effective solutions.

Operational Excellence Capabilities:

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Project Management Office
  • Lean Six Sigma Training Courses
  • ISO Auditing
  • Quality Management System Development
  • Curriculum/Course Development
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Training Management Strategy
  • Instructional Systems Design
  • Executive Management Training Course
  • Change Agent Mentoring
  • Value Stream Analysis/Root Cause Analysis
  • Rapid Improvement Events (Kaizen)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Information Systems
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Weapon Systems Platform Testing

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