Cyberwerx® Solutions


Jadin Tech offers exclusive CyberWerx® cybersecurity training through cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the needs of your organization. Our credentialed and veteran cyber experts provide ways to optimize security teams and overall security posture by integrating a cyber range into a comprehensive security readiness program.

The CyberWerx® Learning Management System (LMS) will help you predict, protect, manage, and survive cyber risk exposure.

CyberWerx® Advantages

Cyberwerx® courses

The CyberWerx® LMS portfolio is designed for all security leaders who have a responsibility in protecting company systems and resources from cyber-attacks.  The courses provide practical guidance for how to identify and reduce organizational risk exposures associated with cyber vulnerabilities, threats, and impacts.
CyberWerx® Cyber Risk Management courses focus on Program Management Consulting and Cyber Range Implementation and Operations.
Cyber Risk Analysis encompasses Cyber Threat Mitigation and Vulnerability Services.
CyberWerx® offers comprehensive training to identify, detect, and respond to critical infrastructure threats and vulnerabilities.

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