Deployable Cyber Training, Testing, and Range (DCTTR)


The GoldShark™ DCTTR fills the training and education gap for partner countries to enhance cybersecurity posture and improve the capabilities of their cybersecurity workforce.

Our total package approach includes the software, hardware, and curriculum required to achieve the goal of raising cyber resilience for our partner organizations and countries. The tailored, scalable product is complete with everything required for an operational Academy, Lab, and Range deployable worldwide.

The GoldShark™ Solution


  • Foreign Military Sales with National Funds and Foreign Military Financing Eligible
  • Direct Commercial Sales Eligible
  • Over 35 languages currently supported 
  • Fully deployable in 2-4 months, configuration-dependent (i.e. pelican case(s), shipping container, or AWS outpost)

The CyberWerx Academy™ curriculum covers all workforce framework for cybersecurity (NICE).

  • Security Provision (SP) – SP describes workers that
    “conceptualize, design, procure, and build secure
    information technology systems.” The position is
    responsible for system and network development.
  • Operate and Maintain (OM) – The OM sector
    supports, maintains, and administers the effective
    and effcient use of IT systems.
  • Oversee and Govern (OV) – The OV classifcation
    focuses on the leadership, management, and
    advocacy of cybersecurity work.
  • Protect and Defend (PR) – This grouping leads
    threat mitigation through careful analysis.
  • Analyze (AN) – The AN category reviews and
    evaluates cybersecurity information and determines
    its benefits for intelligence.
  • Collect and Operate (CO) – This segment specializes
    in denial and deception operations while also
    collecting data to support intelligence insights.
  • Investigate (IN) – This subgroup investigates
    cybersecurity events or crimes.

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